Weekly Photo Challange – Texture

The weekly photo challenge is Texture:

Metal Shoji Screen

I saw this I was like “I so need to make something cool and incorporate that texture/feel”.

Texture invokes so much for me. As a person, a jewelry designer, in photo restoration, etc. I want to see with my fingers and feel with eyes the kinds of emotion texture can bring.

These images are from a shoji screen my neighbor has had for may years and had picked up on one of her many travels. It stands about 6′ and has 3 1′ wide panels hinged together. The metal panels are embossed and the natural patina has been darkened a little for the contrast. I wish the photo was cleaner so you could see the dark, super smooth, ultra glossy, wood frame that holds the panels together.

Metal Shoji

A wider shot.

It is equally true that texture could be a matter of perception. Just look at the Editor having her nap. Just looks like dry crumbly old leaves that I have not swept up yet, but to her it is a soft cool bed to siesta out of the sun in.

Siesta time.

Siesta time.

Texture is the world and the world is texture. Embrace it.


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It’s been a year. Really?

I just got notification from WP that I have had a blog for a year. Hmmm. A year. Really does not seem like a year. I think even if I posted everyday it would not feel like a year.

1st Anniversary

Wow, one whole year.

If that is not encouragement to see what year two looks like, I’m not sure what is. Then again, I’m an achievement hound. Just ask any of my gamer friends. Year two huh? Your on!


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Who’s your kitty?

I found this on the side of a stairwell while I was waiting for the bus the other day.

Who's Your Kitty

Kitty of Mercy? Kitty: Alien Hunter. You decide.

A very interesting collage. Can you think of a great caption for this? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shy

The weeks nancy merrill photography challenge is: shy.

Shy Dinah

Is that a camera? Put your phone away, I know your not talking to someone.


Sam in her carrier

Is she gone? Just step away from the phone…


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Be at peace Old Man Cat

Merlyn Face

You are all so beneath me.

A few weeks Merlyn’s age started to catch up to him and he started to go down hill and as the weeks progressed it became obvious that it was time to consider euthanasia. I hate the idea of out beloved pets being in any major discomfort.

Last Friday Merlyn’s  mommy and I took the fuzz ball to the vet and held his paw as the vet helped ease any discomfort he may have been in.  While I am very sad, I am relieved that he had no major health issues, just a bad case of old.

Even at 19 he was still jumping up on the furniture. He missed a couple of times or fumbled his dismount, but still managed for the most part.

He was friendly and loving and I was blessed to be his personal assistant these last three years while he lived with me and his feline roommate Dinah (the Editor in Chief). Its been a week now and Dinah is starting to seek my attention again.  She seems to be feeling more herself again. I know this has been stressful for her as well and she has been a real champ and a great comfort to me.


Love and miss you buddy.

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