My Current Ride Into Better Health

In January of 2012 I participated in a very restricted diet to see what might be causing some tummy troubles.  After cutting out a lot of food types and ‘detoxing’ for 30 days, I discovered that I felt great for the first time in many years.  When I started to re-introduce food, in this case dairy, I started to feel a bit cruddy.

I cut out most dairy products (I’m told it’s not uncommon for people to be a bit lactose intolerant as they get older).  This seemed to help some so I figured ‘Hey, I can deal.  It’s just milk and Cheese… and yogurt, and…and…’

Hehe  Sounds worse than it was.  I also belong to Weight Watchers, so getting the dairy is kinda important. They have been a great support for me in dealing with the new changes in my diet and reminded me that Rice milk IS your friend. Cheese is becoming a small dosage treat for Tue. Nite. I was getting better and losing weight but, I was still having some stomach concerns.

Part of the ‘detoxing’ was removing some of my medication as well to see if that might be complication some things as well  I have taken Prilosec daily for years and if I did not have start taking it again that would be great.  Really great.

Later in the year, around November, I did this process again and again I felt great… till I started to add food back into my diet.  I felt I was armed this time!  I had a diary plan!  Except that I was still feeling cruddy.  Just not as cruddy. 🙂 I really started to pay attention this time to what was setting off my tummy. It was when I started reintroducing bread that it stated to feel bad again. I think I stopped paying attention after dairy. I just thought that dairy was it. It never occurred to me that here could be more than one cause. Never stop listen to your body.  It will tell you what you need to know.

Now about this time I was starting to hear/learn about Gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease.  I dine one night a week with friends and several of them have food allergies of some sort.  It made me start thinking.  So I spoke to my doctor about the possibility of a gluten intolerance.  He suggested that I go without gluten for 6 weeks and see how I feel.  I did.  WOW!  I started to better within a few weeks.  My doctor feels that I am not likely to be Celiac, just intolerant.  I can deal with that.

April 1st 2013, I went gluten free. I feel so much better. There are still things I need to address, I still have a butt load of weight to lose (95 lbs.), but I’m on the right track to getting there.  I’m learning to how to cook differently and I swear that donut does NOT look nearly as appealing as it used to 🙂

I’m sure I’ll post other stuff in my Gluten Free adventure.  Stay tuned, I brought bread & butter.  I have the pictures to prove it.


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