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Ok, I know that I have been out of the game of coding websites for a few years now (’99-ish), and I did expect there to be changes. Things do deprecate and such. However I am more rusty than I thought. While I’m sure some things would still work with these older tags, I know it is best to buckle under and just start learning the newer accepted way of getting things done.

Here, at WordPress.com at least, I do not need to know more than a small page full of code and even those I’m familiar with, they just have new names 🙂

I thought “Ok, I can do this!” and went to find an editor that runs on Linux. I have recently gone from dabbler to full-time user so I’m using new apps as well :). I found a nice clean-looking editor that supports HTML (amongst other things), only to discover that its smarter than I am.

Hmmmm. This calls for the only thing that can help. The Library. One digital trip to the shelves, followed by a quick download to my phone and we are off to the races. I’m reading up. All this so I can blog you say? Well, yes and no. I do need to know new skills if I am to survive here, but I also want to able to take my new skills to new places as well.

More on this later I’m sure.
Hey, I said I was neurotic


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