Sunday Lunch: Rituals

As I sat here today preparing for my Sunday morning ritual of baking bread and rolling ideas around about what to make for my Sunday afternoon gaming group, I realized that it has become just that.  A ritual.  A good ritual.  Something that, unbeknownst to me, has become something I look forward to at the end/beginning of my week.

This is usually a time that is spent going through recipes or web blogs I hang out on.  You should see my Evernote folders…  Than I go into hyper mode and start cooking. I always seem to over think what I’m doing, AND I… lets just not go there.  I do however always seem to come up with something.  Remember, bread is often baking at that point so while the apt. is a bit stuffy, it smells oh so wonderful with whiffs of sweet or savory baked goods.

I put it all my big ol’ wooden tray and haul it down to the rec room (Apt. life, gotta love it.), start laying out lunch and its like magic.  My friends smile as the breathe deeply of the aromas from the breads, stews, cookies or cupcakes that I may have made that day.

Gluten Free Stroganoff.

Gluten Free Turkey Stroganoff.

We will sit and play board or dice games for a few hours and laugh and have a good time.  There is always music and sometimes, if you look quick enough, a little dancing and always a good time.

There are a few new people coming to Sunday gaming today and I must say, I’m looking forward to the new dynamic.  This week we are having Gluten Free Turkey stroganoff over noodles (although I get rice this week) and Gluten Free shortbread cookies.

I got this recipe from a great book I found this morning during my ritual called Twist It Up by Chef Jack Witherspoon.  Check it out, there’s some great looking recipes inhere for all the family.

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