Workroom computer storage

10 words…  maybe not completely random.  I found that harder than I thought I would and this was what I thinking about when I read the press.













Ok, so one night I was too tired to sleep, to depressed to care, and bored.  So I decided that I was make more space in the workroom (a smallish, but dedicated to room for my work stuff).

I emptied and switched the contents of two closets.  This left enough space in the in the larger closet to move a pair of metal book cases in the open space.  These bookcases had reference material over flowering from lack of space themselves. They got emptied and placed in the closet.

Bookcase for referance books.

I have how many books?

Let me mention something about great ideas that are better when shared.  My first Industrial Bookcase was used  as a wardrobe and I

just folded my close up in to piles by type (T’s,  Jeans, etc.).  My friend saw this and thought it was a good plan, so she did it as well.  She found after a time that the idea was still good, it just wasn’t working for her (I still use a wardrobe, just small and a real one now :)).  Enter a another friend of ours who looked at it and thought the idea was good as well, but added that for her separating her clothes by type and placing them in bins on the shelves would be better yet.  They were. One idea, three views.  All perfect.

So, back to my closet.  I was wondering how I was gonna organize my craft and jewelry supplies when I was looking at my friends organized shelf and had a light-bulb moment 🙂  I love it.  The books went back onto the other bookcase and without the decorative kitsch that was everywhere, all the books and references went onto the selves nice.

Bookcase storage system.

Storage system under development. So far so good.

My other friend (this could get confusing with names huh?) came over the other day and had a look at my desks and moved them around so now I can use the computer on one desk and my workbench on the other and I have easy access to both.

For the fist time in 6 months I’m NOT using the computer on the dining room table, NOT hauling supplies to the dining room table, and I can SEE my floor.  While were not done in my little back room, Life is good.

EDIT:  I have pictures I took while typing this out, but I’ve lost access to my external HD were they got downloaded to.  As soon as I fix it, I’ll post them.  There cool.

Three Tenths


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