OMG! What can I, should I, will I post!

Ever have one of those days that you just don’t think you can post?  Yes, you know the one.  The one that says, I don’t feel good.  The one that says, Really? I’m busy right now.  The one that says, I just don’t want to.  Last, but not least, the really big one that says, I don’t have anything to say.

Well, today is that day.

1. I don’t feel good.

Man with cane

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Man o man, I feel wretched!  I have moderate muscular pain and some minor neurological pain that I have dealt with since I was in my teens.  Today (and the last several days) I have had back pain and some other issues on a level that I have not had to contend with in over a year.  Simply stated, I hurt.

Due to some drug related allergies, I cannot take much in the way pain killers, only muscle relaxants.  Naproxen IS my friend.   It will improve, it always does.  However right now?  All bets are off.

2. Really? I’m busy right now.

Yea, right.  so busy I can’t sit here for the hour or three it takes me to generate a post at my current skill level.

While I really am working a jewelry repair job right now, I could take a break.  Pearls are wonderful to work with btw, and I would love to post a picture of the piece I’m working on, but it’s not mine. Take my word for it. Its beautiful, an uncomplicated & elegant design that dresses both up & down.

I don’t have a formal job. I have time!

Work Table.

Actually, it is never this tidy… ever.

Ok, we all get here.  I knew I would.  This is actually one of the reasons I did not start blogging when it started to get really popular.  I did not think I could keep interested in it long enough or worse keep and audience interested in it long enough.  Silly me.

I know now that part of it is that an audience will be interested or they won’t.  There are A LOT of people in the world.  Someone will like it somewhere.  I need to write for ME as well as for the audience.

Right now I don’t post everyday.  I know its ok, not to post everyday.

The other part of it is, I got it in my head that posting for me is in the morning when I wake up.  I have to remember  that it’s just as ok to post at night, or in the afternoon or when ever the moment strikes 🙂

4. I don’t have anything to say.

Quill Line Art

Mightier than the Sword?

Hmmm as I look at the previous 575+ words I would have to say that I really did have something to say.  Something I am finding out with this adventure into blogging is that posts do not always have to be essays, prose, or dissertations on life, the universe and everything (even if the answer is as simple as 42).

I have to say I’m glad I came to WordPress for my blogging adventure.  The DP’s, Blog exercises, general access to tools, forums and tutorials are not only helping me be a better blogger, but letting me see my world with new vision. Thanks for stopping by.



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