Living Car Pool Dummy… Wanna Take A Road Trip?

Seattle Ship Canal Bridge

Seattle Ship Canal Bridge. (copyright unknown)

My oldest friend (of 27 years) is going back to school and this is AWESOME! The campus, which is about a 45 min drive from my home, is on the other end of the city we live in. Driving through town means traffic traffic traffic.

Enter the HOV lane. Yes, that high occupant moment where you fly down the free way that IS a parking lot waving at the cars standing still. The lane that you need a driver + 1 to get in.

I am that +1! I love riding in the passenger seat (Blog title… Name… who knew?), being the +1. I get to see the scenery, get a cup of coffee & play with the GPS. Some days it does not get better than this 🙂

The best ones are when we’re going some place new. New places, new shops, new landmarks. Way cool. Next time you travel and you’re in the passenger’s seat… think about it.

Wanna take a road trip?


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