Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Dot Box Storage Containers

Beading containers under the work table.

My interpretation is kinda literal.  Back in Aug. I talked about some work I did in my workroom.  And my friends helped with some of the re-organizing.  Well the saga continues!For this one GPJ (yes, its his name 🙂 ), was moving my desks to be more efficient.  I had gotten a second one and it was GREAT to get my computer off the work table, but still be near.  One thing he did was move a table I used to store my most accessed bead boxes under (One of those tables that fold up and store two little bar stools under it.) to a better spot.  However now the boxes weren’t accessible.  So he took one of the bar stools that happened to be unstable and was just holding a plant and modified it to hold my boxes.  Its fits perfectly under the work table and had room to put stuff on top.

My work world is all about functional storage.  You will ALWAYS something inside something else.



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