OMG Can I procrastinate!

Ok, I looked at the last time I posted and went AAHHHHHHHH! I have a ‘trying to post at least every couple of days’ thing right now and when I saw how may days its been I started to doubt that I could even start again. Silly huh? Yes it is.

So, I have sat here for an hour trying to post something. I looked at the Daily Prompt.. nope not today. I looked at my drafts… Nope, been done. So what am I going to do? I’m going to work on some site management. Yea… ok… fun…. sigh.

Well, actually, I have been toying with the idea of a focused page for my Sunday Lunches. So this is where I’m going for a bit. I know this blog is still a little unfocused all the way around, but I’m an unfocused kinda of person, except when I crafting, then I’m ok for a while 🙂

Hang tight and stick around I think the ride might get a little bumpy.

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