Bread, Bread & More Bread

Do you get the idea that I like bread?  I do… a lot. Since I went  gluten free in April I have started to eat less bread and bread products.  This is a good thing! I just could NOT justify $5+ for a small loaf of bread on a regular basis.  Now, I have made my own bread off and on for last few years (with the help of a machine), but mostly for parties or when I was low on cash.

One of my better loaves of bread

A Light & Tender White Bread

Add to this that most GF breads taste nasty.  Really nasty.   There usually dry and a bit flavorless.  I mean some were bordering on cardboard.  I did find 2 that would work in a pinch, but I’ll talk about that in another post.  I stated to bake my own more and more to combat cost and taste.  I still use a machine sometimes, but I am really getting a handle on baking in the oven.  I especially like how it makes my kitchen smell. Yum.

I also love it when people knock on my door and don’t need me in my professional capacity for the complex, just to find out what I’m baking today!

White Rice

White Rice Machine Loaf

I don’t make nearly as many ‘bricks’ as I did in the beginning. Yea! OMG, you could have literately propped open my apt door with one of the earlier ones (and we have auto-closing doors that need a little weight to keep open 🙂 ).

I’ve discovered that it also does not take as much time as a loaf with gluten in it since you do need the raising time for the gluten to develop.  This was an interesting bit of info and really changes how you bake bread.  I found a really good cookbook (well really good for me) and tried several of the bread

recipes.  Most cooked great 1st time.  I did some substitutions one recipe and I like how it worked out.  I will keep it this way.  Heck, even my gluten friends like it and request it at times.  Huston, we have a winner.

A very crusty bread.

A very crusty bread.

While I do not consider myself very analytical, I can see why a old and dear friend of mine who is an amazing an accomplished cook thought I would enjoy baking more than cooking. Baking really is a science and I’m finding that I enjoy it.  Its all form and structure.

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  1. Is there a recipe to this beautiful loaf of gold? I’ve been wanting to try my hand in GF bread baking:)

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