System Cleanse: Week 1

Well week 1 is finally over.  Actually it was over on Monday, but I have been slacking off for a few days.  I’m feeling pretty good.  Overall my joints have not been hurting and I have had a little more energy.  I even picked up around the apt a little.

I need to work more and making my food into something that at least attempts to look like a meal and not just components on a plate. 🙂  I did say I’ve been slacking off.

So, I was out at Little Bliss Book this morning and she has the most nummy looking Frittata on her site.  That IS what I want for breakfast. as soon as I finish this post.

This has helped a lot  in getting me into Week 2. Thanks Bliss 🙂

See ya next monday.


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2 responses to “System Cleanse: Week 1

  1. Aw no problem! That’s so great you’re doing a cleanse, I’m about to go on another one, ready to get my summer glow on 😉


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