System Cleanse: Week 2

Well, were done with week 2 and all I have to say is “finely”.

The week itself was fine, but I was at my most crankiest.  I had a hard time talking to my oldest friend.  I know, and she does as well as were doing this together, that its just a momentary chemical thing.  Does not make the grumpiness any better.

I had a better time with food, although there was one day I ate out with friends and it was a little tricky.  We managed.  They were so cool about it and I was so presently surprised when one friend was asking questions and fact finding in a positive and supportive manner.  The other friend is actually starting to eliminate some foods as well with amazing results.  I am so blessed to friends like these.  And my family. Wow, now THERE is a support group.

I found myself trying to remember to exercise patience and understanding this week.  With myself as well as my BFF. Not only in food or communication, but with everything.  Sewing, knitting, even using the computer has been a trial.  So…

Week 3 is looking MUCH better, but more on that next week.

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