An afternoon wander

So I was wandering around downtown Seattle today with some time to kill between appointments and stopped to notice all the local construction going on.  While I do travel through Seattle, it is of passing through on the freeway or through the bus tunnel.  So I was street level and looking for a bus stop I had not used before.  I had to cross Westlake Park on 4th and was caught by the sheer beauty of moving water. I knew I had to take some pics and share them with you.

So of course I had to try and capture that beauty.  I think I did ok.  It was interesting to maneuver through this fountain with my phone out,  here I was getting more than a bit damp going click click click with my phone.  Hehe.


I love how the light shines the water and pavement. Standing inside as the water poured around me made for some cool images.


Video is not my strong point, but I will practice.  I should have walked through, not just panned.  Live and learn. 🙂


Note: These were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The only post editing done was to sharpen the image a bit and correct light levels. I did resize, but that is to made WordPress friendly. The camera settings are all default.


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October 31, 2013 · 9:51 am

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