Ahh the Seattle Monorail. Its very cool.

Seattle Monorail.

Seattle Monorail.

I just wish that it went somewhere.  Anywhere.  No, all it does is take you several blocks (just about a mile) up and down 5th Ave between Westlake Center in Downtown and the Seattle Center in lower Queen Anne.  This is a great way, however, to get from the Seattle Center to the Downtown shopping district.

The monorail opened on March 24, 1962 for the Century 21 Exposition (World’s Fair) held at the current site of Seattle Center.


Monorail car being lifted on to the beam. The trains were built in Germany, shipped to New York, and carried via rail road cars to Seattle. (photo courtesy of Seattle Monorail )

These two original trains are still in service and have served the line since its opening, and have traveled over one million miles. The monorail trains and their tracks were give historical landmark status by the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board on April 16, 2003.

Enough with the history lesson . If you live here and haven’t been aboard in a while, get out there and ride.  If you a visitor, plan to take a ride.  Either way, the view is cool.

Time to get your NaBloPoMo on.


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