Secret Pleasure #1

I have a secret.  Its not really a secret as most of my people now, but now I’m gonna share it with you.

I Knit!  Yea, its true.  I have been knitting for about 32 years now.   I started knitting when I was in my teens.  My mom was an avid chocheter and was not able to help.  So I learned mostly from books, from both the US and the UK.  suffice to say my knitting was a little different; not wrong or bad, just different.


Socks on the run. And the needle.

I love socks as you can see here in my current project.  I find socks, and gloves & mitts to be wonderfully portable.  As we head into a colder, wetter fall here it a great time for me to make socks as it’s about the only time of year I actually wear them 🙂

NaBloPoMo – Check it out!



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5 responses to “Secret Pleasure #1

  1. I think it is wonderful you knit – it is definitely a dying art. Me? I prefer the art of crochet 🙂

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