Daily Post: Placebo Effect

If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

I don’t really know what would be worse, losing my hearing or losing my sight.  I would have to say losing my hearing.  I have been slowly losing both for a few years now and I have come to realize that while both would be bad, hearing would be worse.

I think about all the singers that bring joy to my ears.  I listen to a lot of Japanese Pop & Anime music.  While I understand a tiny (and I do mean tiny) amount of the language, not understanding gives me the opportunity to listen to the singer.  The sound of his/her voice.  The pure quality of tone, pitch, inflection, emotion, etc.  Without the complications of words.

I think of the mornings I will not hear the birds singing in the trees outside my window.  Their different cheeps and chirps as the play their games and courtships.  Their babies calling out to the day their wants and needs.

I think of the mundane.  The people who walk up and down the hallway outside my apartment.  How I can reasonably guess who it is by the way they walk.  The rhythm of their tread.  The sound of their keys jingling in their hand as the wait for the elevator or get their mail. Or even how they knock on my door.

Mostly, however, I will miss the sound of my cats purring me to sleep.  Their sounds are so different, but a purr just the same.  The way their little heats beat when you get real close and cuddly. When you roll over and there is one on each side.

My eyes are usually closed during these moments of bliss.  I

don’t really need my sight for this.  So I would cure hearing.  The thought of not having to say “I’m sorry.  What did you say?” sounds good to me.

Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect



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  9. I am personally so grateful that I have both. My eardrum burst a few years ago and I lost hearing for three days. The experience made me especially grateful for all that I can hear.

    • Absolutely! My hearing will probably never completely leave, but it sure feels like it some days. 🙂 ASL and a lip reading course are certainly in my future however as I hate going out to crowded places and not being able to hear my friends clearly. Thanks for coming by, you are always welcome here.

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