Breadmachines and making butter…in them.

I was at an arts and crafts festival this weekend at our local community center and while I was wandering through the ‘second hand’ area I ran across a bread machine. Now I always stop to look at bread machines, even though I already have one, because I like to see how they differ from one another.  I noticed that this one had a dessert setting.  Without looking at any other settings I open it up to see if there was a manual.  There was…and a cookbook. Nice. While flipping though the cookbook I found a butter setting.  Butter…  In a bread machine…  A machine that heats up…  That sounds impossible.  It was only $10 and had only been used like once.  It was in immaculate shape, so I decided to get it as it would be a fun thing to try.

The 100% of the money from these sales go to funding and running the center so even if it was a dud, I have supported the center.

Butter on a silver dish

Image courtesy of Soupertrooper /

I got home, wiped it down, poured in a cup of heavy whipping cream, turned it on and walked away.  Well dang, after 30 minutes I was pouring off buttermilk to use in my next batch of bread baking and scrapping out butter.

Guess what’s going to be gifts this year?  Merry Christmas indeed.


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  1. Ooh, nice. I would have bought it to try too.

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