Let’s talk about cake.

Because I can have my cake and eat it to.  Let me explain.

As some of you know from previous posts I’m a bit gluten intolerant.  I have had no real driving desire to bake anything beside a loaf of bread (and THAT was in a machine) in the past.  Discovering that gluten was one of the tummy monsters I was learning to deal with has pushed me more into baking.

This really is a good thing.  I find I enjoy it.  Would I make a career out of it? No.  However it is nice to know that I can make things to eat.  I’m not deprived of treats, and other suspect foods that I enjoy. I know that I can (and do) buy GF pre-packaged food these days as it is the ‘fad du jour’, but that can get costly.

An afternoon with Google, and a trip to a GF store later and I have flours, starches, cookbook and all sorts of ‘what do I do with this again?’ items and I’m ready to try anything!

Cinnamon crumble coffee cake

Coffee Cake. Cinnamon crumble coffee cake

This is my attempt at coffee cake.  It is your standard cinnamon brown sugar crumble top.  It was good.  I found the taste to not be quite what I was hoping for, but I think its correctable. I used a prepackaged AP flour that I’m finding I do not really care for so the next time I will use the blend I have been putting together from Bette Hagman’s Recipes.  The texture was spot on! Everyone said it WAS coffee cake.  I am very pleased with that.  I will so make this again.

Can’t wait to try Mom’s 9 layer rainbow torte.  Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.


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