Sunday Lunch: Steak and Potatoes

Sunday Lunch

The final plate.

Today’s lunch wads steak and potatoes.  Grilled steak rubbed in a dry rub that is a mix of garlic, orange zest, red pepper flake, salt, pepper and several other yummy spices.  Pan fired potatoes with grilled onions.  If that was not enough for you, we all also had homemade butter (fresh this morning), and a loaf of warm bread straight from the machine.



Sundays around here are pretty hectic at times.  Today was not bad actually, I was able to go to the store and get groceries.  Steaks, potatoes, some egg nog for them (I’m still on a food restriction for a few days.), and some whipping cream to make butter and buttermilk.

I puttered around the kitchen getting everything ready while i butter was churning.  We kept the buttermilk for our coffee today instead of using it in the bread dough.  The bread was a first loaf from a new machine and I was very pleased with the results.  I found it very interesting that the manual suggested that you not clean the baking pan before making bread if you have just made butter.  I did it and wow was I amazed at how easy the bread came out and how soft the crust was.  The whole loaf was soft and fluffy.

This was not a gluten-free loaf, and I am looking forward to trying my GF recipe in it.

The steak where about 1/4 inch think and grilled beautifully,  I don’t have a lot of experience with steak so I was happy that they looked and tasted good.  Very juicy for what was a really a poor cut of meat.  One must make do. 🙂

Potatoes.  Ah potatoes.  I can make a pretty good batch of fried potatoes.  Most of my friends wont bother, they say it takes to long.  I will and its worth it!  Onions, Italian seasonings, spuds, id does not get too much better than that.



I wish I could share my Sunday today with you all as I am so happy with it, but all I have are pictures.  There not the best but hopefully you can see how a Sunday afternoon at my house can be.


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3 responses to “Sunday Lunch: Steak and Potatoes

  1. Ooh yum! Looks delicious!

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