Daily Post: Food for the Soul = BFF & Pizza

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

For me that would be quiet time with my BFF. When I say quiet time, I do mean quiet time. We have coffee dates, dinner dates, and even gaming dates (we Warcraft, we Titan Quest, we kill). There are times however that we just sit. Sit in the same room and read. We may not be doing something together but we are spending time together.

I have found over the 27 years we’ve been hanging out, that those are some of the best. A time to reflect on the day, week, and what are we gonna have on the pizza. If you have never sat with a friend and done nothing that’s ok, but try it sometime and you might discover something new and amazing.



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2 responses to “Daily Post: Food for the Soul = BFF & Pizza

  1. You are truly lucky to have found such a close friend as that. Though I have the next best thing – a husband with whom I can spend plenty of time with 🙂

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