Done with Detox!

Yes indeed, I am done with my detox. *does the happy chair dance*

I have survived another round. I get to start adding additional protiens tomarrow. I plan to have a pork & onion sandwich using lettuce as bread. Oh I can’t wait.

I feel better. I have lost and incredible 28 lbs.. Its amazing the weight you lose when you cut down on carbs, fats, sugars… you all know the story.

The truth of it though is that now I can find out what those pesky little sugars are doing. We already have a handle on the gluten and the lactosse, so lets see what else we can find. I feel like I’m finely gining controll over some of my eating habits and not giving in to the cravings.

I’m almost into a US 18. I have not worn an 18, that I was not puored into, scine I WAS 18. I will be honest with you all, I have never weighted less then 252lbs. scince I was in my early teens and to be within 8.5 lbs. of getting under that is a scary, yet a wonderfuly feeling.

I love the idea of being able to buy clothes in the ladies dept., shoes that fit (I lost 1 shoe size) and buying second hand clothess.

So many things to look forward to. I’ll keep you posted.


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