Christmas Early

Maybe not Christmas, but at least the lights.  My friend G, had some time and he enjoys putting up the lights so I let him.  Truth be told I did need some help this year.

Putting up the lights

Putting up the lights

So he came over and spent a few hours putting up the lights around my deck and around the living room.  The outdoor strands were icicle style and he put a second strand about 6 inches below the first one so it has this very full and almost fairy look to it. I like it a lot.

It was funny that Dinah was so sleepy that she did not even move when I dropped an extension cord on her. She twitched then went back to sleep for a bit.  I swear that cat could sleep through a raging thunderstorm

Dinah Extension Cord

She is so funny.


Deck Lights Night

Not great, but pretty.

I want a few more in the living room and maybe one more strand in color.  I like the little LED’s that are delicate looking. I’ll post more pictures as the holidays close in.


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  1. I enjoy early Christmas lights – especially as it gets dark so early. It brightens up the street a little.

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