Sunday Lunch: Liver & Onions

Hmmmm Liver & Onions… smothered in mushrooms, with a drippings gravy made from the onions.  A side of fried potatoes smothered in those onions and some mushrooms.  Yes, this WAS the tasty lunch were having today.  Except that I could not find the liver. Who knew.  I like liver, dare I say love liver and I have NEVER had a problem finding it.  Ever.

Before I got to the point of no return I did ask the butcher at my local QFC on the off-chance that he had not put it out yet.  He did have some however they were keeping it in the freezer section now.  I Have discovered more and more stores keeping their liver in the freezer section.  I’m good with that.

He showed me where it was and handed me a container with a smile.  I was happy.  I had liver and its an affordable piece of meat that makes several meals.  So imaging my surprise when it was $5 for a small carton.  I have no problems with $5, it’s just I was expecting the $2-3 I normally pay for beef liver… no wait, whats that on the label?  Veal liver.  Ahhh.  Veal it is, this is gonna be yummy.

I also made a loaf of peanut butter & honey sweet bread for after lunch.  I hope they like it.


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