Sunday Lunch: Slow Cooked Cabbage Soup

Thats right, today for Sunday Lunch we are having cabbage slow cooked with a pound of salt pork for flavoring.

After I get the cabbage cooked to just about the texture I want, I am going to add some potatoes I already cooked in chicken stock I made a few days ago.  I’m also going to add some cooked (and drained) ground beef for a protein element.

Now, you maybe think that pork and beef may conflict, and at times they do, but I’m not adding any of the beef grease, just the meat.  So I’m hoping that it will an acceptable  flavor profile.

Add a loaf of French Bread made with Flax Seed meal and its starting to look like lunch.  The apartment smells like bread right now and all I want to do is cut it open warm and slather it with butter.  Alas, not today.  Maybe next Sunday. 🙂


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