Making something from nothing… or from something else. Upcycling!

Wiki defines Upcycling as ‘the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value’.  Check out the rest of the entry.

Denim Pin Cusion

Scrap pin cusion with a nice looking button

I was a bit surprised when I discovered that this word has been in use for 20 (+) years.  Hmmm.  I certainly did not have this concept in mind when I started a sewing project to recycle upcycle several old pairs of jeans into a duvet cover.

I had started this project a year or so ago and it should not have taken this long, but I was trying to complete it as bonding project with some dear people I know.  Timing did not work well, and then my sewing machine failed.  After repairing it, the foot pedal failed.  Sigh.  However I did finely get it all back to a state of functionality and decided to just do it on my own.

Denim Duvet

Sewing the strips

The jeans I used were jeans I had worn during the last 25 years (I got fat and some got small.  I wanted to get back in them… someday).  Some were just to worn out and I realized that I will never get back into some others even if I lost the weight again and I have!  I have a friend who had a  quilt made with his old jeans and I loved this idea.

Denim Duvet

Strips ready to be pressed

I’m not really a big quilt person so I wanted to make it a duvet cover for my duvet. Funny how that works :).  I cut up all these old jeans and then started sewing the squares together.  I have finished this part and have trimmed all the treads.  I still need to press the seams so I can sew the strips together into one large square. So far so good.  I was lucky to find a very large piece of pale denim I am going to use for the back.  Its also of a similar weight which works out.

Denim Duvet

Making the bigger square

I was thinking I could use snaps as the closure and I have considered rivets because it is denim, but I do not have the tools to put in rivets.  Buttons it is.  I’ll find some nice metal buttons and it will have the same feel. Now I have never made button holes, but I am more than willing to do so.  I need to learn anyway so I see practice pieces with holes in them in my future.  My machine even measures the buttons.


Stay tuned because I will post on this again when I get it finished.



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4 responses to “Making something from nothing… or from something else. Upcycling!

  1. Using the machine to make button holes is easy once you get the knack – and so much quicker!

  2. I love denim anything. That pin cushion is adorable! The button adds a nice touch.

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