Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Cornbread Mix

I have been telling my friend El about how I want to do some product reviews even though I have not got around to it yet.  Now that I’m not fussing over T-Day and NaBloPoMo is over for Nov., I have started getting together some of the products I want to review.  So El and I were at the store later that day and I was telling him how I wanted to make cornbread for my Sunday gang to with the Ham & Bean soup I was making.  He got this mix and asked for a report.  So here it is.

Hodgson Mill Cornbread Mix

Hodgson Mill Cornbread Mix

This was one of the “just add liquid and eggs” mixes. It mixed up a little thicker than I’m used to and could not be poured. It didn’t make a difference  to taste of texture.  I happen to have a cast aluminum (wish it was a small cast iron) cornbread pan so the choice of what to cook it in was a no brainer for me, but the mix gave instructions for both a cake or a muffin pan.



20 minutes in the oven at 350F and I was smelling cornbread!  The texture was crumbly and dry. Like you want when you’re serving it with broth soups or beans. The taste was what my Tennessee raised father would expect from cornbread. This reminded me of the southern style cornbread I grew up eating.

Sundays Bean Soup & Cornbread

Sundays Bean Soup & Cornbread

This company also makes a sweet yellow corn bread mix that I want to try and make a comparison between the two.

I have never seen this brand before so I took a few minutes to look at their website. Wow they make 25 different gluten free products.  I was very surprised and pleased with how they are using solar and wind energy.  They seem to be a company with standards they truly stand by.

Hodgson Mill, Inc.,1100 Stevens Ave., Effingham, IL 62401




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