Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

The Weekly Photo Challange:

I was actually thinking on this while I was getting Christmas supplies out of the apartment complexes storage area.  I had taken all the boxes down to the community room and  helped several of the residents to empty them and decide what should go where.  It was so refreshing.  I did most of the decorating last year as our main decorators where in hospital at the time.  The both of them fine by the way and had a great time this year jazzing the place up.

Ccommunity Room Tree

Community Room Tree

As I was leaving to the room to go do something, I stopped and just listened to them laughing and having a good time.  One was futzing with the DVD payer to watch a holiday movie while they worked and one was humming to herself as she dressed the tree and still a third was hanging up stuff on the walls and table tops.  So I did what I can do fairly well.  I made brownies and fed them.

Mylar Ornament

Mylar Ornament

After the tree was decorated I happened to notice a small and well worn ornament on a lower  limb.  This is ornament is made out of a mylar type material and shaped into small cones.  These cones as you can see are silver on the outside and colored on the inside.   This is one of two remaining ornaments like this.  They were my mothers and she had got them from a family member when I was a child and are at least 30 years old.  This one was donated to the community room ornaments after she died in 2008.  I have the other one.

This is just one of several reminders of past residents, property managers, coordinators and the maintenance people that make up our community here.  Even when they have left our lives they are still a part of our hearts and are not to be forgotten.

Thursday is our building ‘Holiday Potluck’ with all the trimmings.  I’m glad I’m part of this community.


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