Walking in the mist

So I have not been very on top of my posts this month.  Hmmm.  Well I found myself getting into a bit of a rut and just not doing it.  I think its time to start working out of that rut and getting to the business of posting again.

I was looking through some pictures I had taken at New Years while were in Birch Bay, WA., and I found several that I had taken on an early morning walk that I just found so enthralling. It was about 7:30am and very foggy so I was hugging the side of the road, even thought I only saw one car on the entire  3 mile walk and that was someone arriving at work.

Anyway, the fog was thick and I happened to see these lights in the distance.  It was a house in the distance that was mostly obscured, but had that spooky old mansion on the hill feel like from Dark Shadows or something.

Spooky 01

This had that whole ‘Dark Shadows’ thing going on. Collinwood here we come.

Shifting just a little to the left so that the lights fell off camera offered up an addition cool image.

Spooky 02

Walking in the mist

I really enjoy moments like this where its just you and what you see for that one moment before its gone again.  I;m thing about getting one of those little pocket cameras for my backpack.  And maybe a photography 101 class 🙂


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