The 12th Man

There have been work crews in my apt complex this week upgrading some units.  One of the contractors is from the:

12th Man Int.

12th Man Int.

I thought this was kinda cool, so I felt it necessary to share.  Especially as the Seattle Seahawks head into the Super Bowl tomorrow.

While I am not a great fan of football ( although I do enjoy the other football… Soccer hehehe), I can appreciate that the Seahawks are there.  I have spent the last week or so watching people and businesses in my Seattle neighborhood getting excited and getting ready for the win and I do believe it will be a win.  The feel of community that is being shown is a real treat. The energy that is being generated by this is pretty amazing.

There must be an interesting percentage of people like who will not watch the game, but are there to support their friends who glued to the tv.  So all I have to say is: GO HAWKS!!  FTW!!



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2 responses to “The 12th Man

  1. I am not a football fan either but I can understand people rooting for their team 🙂

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