Sheppard’s Pie, Take 2

So last Sunday I was gonna make Turkey Pot Pie for Sunday lunch. Turned out that I did not have any flour to make the crust.  Hmmm, I started poking around for an alternative and decided on Sheppard’s pie instead.  Add to that a plate full of Gingerbread cookies for desert and were ready to party.

Sheppard's Pie

Sheppard’s Pie

Mashed potato top was the ‘hardest’ part of this deal and I used my mixer to make them.  Let me tell you that was a cool and fast way to make mashed spuds.  No more boxed spuds around here at the holidays! 🙂 Filling was leftover turkey and stock warmed up and thickened with some rice flour.  Toss in veg and top with potatoes.  This had to be one of the fastest and easiest dishes I have put together in awhile, what could go wrong?

Gingerbread Horse

Gingerbread Horse

I’m on my way to the rec room to put it in the oven, when I get stuck in the elevator.  This would have been ok, had it not been over and hour.  Sigh. The repair guy finally came and we got out, but now the elevator is out of service.  Two of my lunch companions use mobility aids and live on another floor so the stairs are out for them.

Lunch went into the freezer and we’re having it today. Its actully kind of nice to have a little break and not prepare something.  I might have to this again sometime.  Well, not the elevator part.  🙂

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