Discovering the duvet

I was working in my room and looked up at hearing noise on the bed and there she was.  So cute.  Luckily the phone was in my pocket, so she did not have as much time to see it coming.  They KNOW when I get the phone and its not ringing its picture time, the turn their heads away.

This is soft.

This is soft.

So the Editor walked across the duvet I had folded up at the foot of the bed (awaiting a cover) and decided that this was pretty soft and it needed further journalistic investigation.

Its also warm.

Its also warm.

Investigating consisted of walking around and trying settle in it.  She succeeded.

ZzzzzzZzzzzz Snuffle Snuffle

ZzzzzzZzzzzz Snuffle Snuffle

Now the hard day at work is over she just chose to nap at her desk.



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