Pigs in a blanket… NOT!

So when us kids were growing up mom used to make theses things called pigs in a blanket. They were a hot dog wrapped in a fridge biscuit and baked till plump.

EDIT:  A friend of mine asked me what other dish I was referring to if not this one as ‘Pigs in a blanket’.  I looked at my info again and discovered that I was indeed looking at a different page. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Now I know that pigs in a blanket is an entirely different dish, and these are probably closer to bagel dogs.

I had the necessary leftovers and decided I was gonna revisit this family treat and see if I could modernize and jazz it up a bit.

Crescent Brats

Crescent Brats

First off hot dog gets replaced with a Bratwurst. Yum! The fridge biscuit is now a fridge crescent roll. Next, we add cheese and season with apple smoked sea salt.

To this I added oven chips and for desert gluten free brownies (different post).

Crescent Brats

Crescent Brats

My goodness what a tasty Sunday lunch.

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