Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes
michelle w., on February 21, 2014, posted:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I made sweet corn muffins last week for my Sunday lunch group, but never got around to posting it, so this was and excellent challenge to show off the pictures I took.  I usually take pics of Sunday lunch, but I have been very remiss about posting lately.

The first one is of the left overs that I brought home from a salad I had the night before.  It consisted of blue cheese, crasins and candied walnuts.  The recipe only called for toasted walnuts, but I thought the candied walnuts would be nice.  The cheese had gotten mixed up with it on the way home so I just tossed it all in.  They were pretty good.  None came home.

The second image is the cut away of the muffin.  Most of the ad-ins settled a bit on the bottom, but it was ok.  The last image was the presentation to my Sunday lunch group.

The last image (yea, I know it was supposed to be three, but it was there… I was there…) is lunch all pulled together.  It seems very dis-jointed, but they liked it.  They are a wonderful test group.  Thanks guys.


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