Canada he we come!

So, my friends and I headed to Vancouver, BC., Canada this last Sunday.  While I had EVERY intention of posting everyday, I did not.  The spotty network connection in the hotel is partly at fault.  The rest is I have been having fun.  So I have been working on my posts and I will post them when I can as we are still in Vancouver for a few more days.  I have been taking photos, but have been having some difficulty getting them uploaded.  I will as soon as I can.

Were staying on the 20th floor.  The view is very unique for me as I have never really spent any time that high. We’re right in downtown and there are buildings that are even taller.  I have been told there is a building here that is in the 60’s…. Wow.

I will try to post again tonight, but we are going to the Punjabi Market (aka Little India) today so….  I have been wanting a salwar kameez for ages.  I just might get one today.  Gonna have great food and a great time.



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4 responses to “Canada he we come!

  1. Have a great time in Vancouver! Fingers crossed your connection picks up

    • Oh yes, 1 Saree, 2 Salwars and 2 Kameez’ late…. and a wool scarf. OMG! My friend is gonna help me sew it together as its not ready wear. I can’t wait. I’ll post pics as soon as I can get back on my data plan.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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