Oh my, I havent posted in MONTHS! At least it feels that way.

What is this?  I can’t seem to get motivated to post.  Its like I just stopped.  I have alot of things to say, but I just don;t want to sit at the computer and type, or edit photos, or….

I know I have made a similar post, but I’m hoping that if I say it again (and again) that maybe something will shift and I can get back on track.

So I ask all of you that pass by my way and those who stumble here, how do YOU beat the posting blues?



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5 responses to “Oh my, I havent posted in MONTHS! At least it feels that way.

  1. I have missed you!
    I find that prompts do help to inspire me and the connections I have made with certain people. I used to find articles in the paper would inspire me – but alas no more. Maybe that could help you? I would love to see you back – even if you just post one photo a day 😉

  2. Thank you. A photo a day, now that sounds interesting as well. I’ll work on that. Hugs.

  3. You must free your thoughts , there are times when passengers get tired of journey. They fed up , and they cant even find the reason WHY ? all i can say is,, Free yourself from brain and thoughts and listen to your heart. It will take you to right way.
    May Allah bless you, ameen

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