Homemade Hummas

I LOVE hummus.  I love tzatziki as well, but thats another post. 🙂

Today I’m making homemade hummus.  This is actually a lot easier than I thought.  What could be easier than grinding up Garbanzo beans and tahini and a few spices?

You can use canned or dried beans.  Canned are quick and easy, but I’m told that dried beans give a more robust flavor and texture.  While this maybe be true ( I will do a comparison  with canned beans later), there is a little more prep and panning involved.

So I opted for the dry bean method.  With dried beans you do need to soak them overnight, so its not like “ohhh lets make hummus tonight’.  Hehehe…. So I put my shriveled up beans in a pot last night and let them soak for 12+ hours.  Then you drain them and add fresh water and boil them for about and hour till they ‘pinch mush’ in your fingers.  I just drained them and will let them cool to room temp.  After that its just a turn in the food processor with the nummy spices and whoo-hoo its lunch!  You should smell my kitchen… warm and nutty smelling.  I tried one of the beans and it even tastes soooo different than the can. I may never eat a canned garbanzo bean again… yea right. 🙂

I’m looking forward to trying this later today when its all done.  I’m going to add some red pepper flakes with olive oil ans cumin to the top.  Got some excellent multi-grain crackers from Crunchmaster to dip in it.  I’ll let ya know how it went.


I was out of garlic so I tried using garlic salt. DON’T! It was a great tasting flavor, just way to salty. Live and learn 🙂



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