Blogging 101 (Zero to Hero): Day One

An introduction to me:

I’m sitting here thinking on how I want to make an introduction post and that I would re-read the original ‘about me’ I wrote last July.  I’m still that person, but there is more.

While I started this blog to show off my experiments in phone camera photography, I find myself posting about my becoming gluten-free and the differences between commercially available foods and cooking/baking your own.   I have also started reviewing GF foods and asking my friends to tell me what they think about something so I can post it as well. This is a new direction I would like to take with this blog as well as my fanciful photography.

What I did not mention was that I had started this blog as a ways of writing down my feelings or whatever was happening with me.  I did this instead of a journal because I knew that I would not write in a journal.  I was, and still am, hoping that communicating with a live audience will motivate me to be more productive and responsive.

So, I’m going to add a new paragraph to my ‘about me’ page because I have discovered that the ride is happening, but the vesicle is life itself.

I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.




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3 responses to “Blogging 101 (Zero to Hero): Day One

  1. Crooked Tracks

    I think that anything you bake/cook yourself tastes better and is more healthy than prepared foods 🙂

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