Daily Post: Five Posts to Write Right Now

at the Daily Post asked: Have you spent too long staring at a blank screen? Here are five post ideas to jump start your blogging.


3. An ode to an object.

ok, I never and I do mean NEVER thought I would own a food processor. Its just one gadget taking up space somewhere.  I have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality about most things so its has to be out and in sight.

I had, not long before, gotten a stand mixer and found it to be very useful so I was inclined to think twice before saying no when I was offered an old (read 10 years + and listed as vintage) Hamilton Beach.  I know this is a decent brand so I said ‘What the hay..’.

OMG people! I shredded the infamous 2lb brick of cheddar in like 5 min. You know the brick… the that you are guaranteed to wrap your knuckles on the grater plane because your arm gets tired about 3/4lb into it.

This is AMAZING! Now you might be saying to yourself ‘She’s stoned. She could that with the right attachment on her stand mixer’. You’d be right. I could, but not the hummas I did the other day as well as bread crumbs, salsa, chutney, and pesto.

So if you ever get the chance you use one, do it.  If you have one already… get it out and make something.


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