Happy Easter everyone. If you observe this day, I hope it is filled with family, joy and good food.

Today we had a veal stew. I know its not quite lamb, but its what I had. A spoonful of horseradish sauce on top added just a little kick. Along with the stew my upstairs neighbor made deviled eggs and  Jello jiggles. We also had fancy dinner rolls and gluten free bread to dunk in the stew.  Strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream wrapped it up for desert.

My Sunday group are all homebound this year, so having our own Easter dinner at lunch (linner) was so nice.  They had a really good time as we listed to music and played games and spent quality time together. Isn’t that what its all about?



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2 responses to “Easter

  1. All of them looks really unique. Will love to try them someday haha. How did they taste?

    • Thank you. The stew was spicy and tangy without being ‘hot’, I used some east Indian spice to give it some warm undertones. I never thought to add that to m post. Thank you for asking, now I’ll think differently describing food. 🙂

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