Blogging 101: Day Seven – Changing Direction

While going through the blogging 101 challenges, I have really started to think about my blog.  About what I post and how its related to what my image is.  This is who I am right?

However, I find myself thinking about what I post now to what I thought I was going to be posting when I singed up.  I still really like ‘Life in the passenger’s seat’, but it was really for showing of my travel photos.  I’m not doing that as much as I thought I would.  Thats ok.

What I’m thinking about is a change of face.  I’m finding I enjoy posting about my cooking adventures and while I have not posted on my crafting loves, I have photographed some of it with the intent to share.  I just wasn’t sure if it would fit in with what I was currently doing.

I have been playing around with different themes and names and tags and what I want and who I am and… and… and I’m overloaded!  🙂

I want to cook and craft, and review and just ramble. Yea, thats what I want.  So, soon I will have a make over and probably a new name, just not a new face.



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2 responses to “Blogging 101: Day Seven – Changing Direction

  1. I found I also wanted to post about topics on a whim. Focusing on only one subject area was too restrictive for me – thus my tag line 🙂

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