Au Gratin Potatoes… in a Crock-Pot!

Yea, ok I know how that sounds, but I did tell my Sunday group we were gonna have au gratin potatoes.  I did not feel so great last night, so a dish that does not need to be closely monitored was looking appealing (I feel better today, but decided to carry on as planned and see what happens).

It was initially going to be ham and fried potatoes with onions, when a friend of mine suggested cheesy potatoes.  I was like ‘hmmmm’ and lunch was born.  We started with 3-5 med. sized potatoes (I used some Yukon Golds as I like to leave the skins on), sliced kinda smallish, but not thin.  This is when I love to whip out the Mandoline as it makes potatoes and onions a snap.  To this we added 2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar mixed with onions and seasonings to taste.  I mixed that up with the potatoes and tossed it all into the pot and started on the sauce.


Crock-Pot Potatoes

Waiting for sauce.

Now, before we get to far into this rambling description of what is sizing up to be a pretty tasty lunch, let me tell you that I did NOT make a white sauce or anything for this.  I am using a cheap and dirty recipe that uses cream of mushroom/chicken/cheddar cheese soup as a base.  This worked well for me today so were trying it.  So I mixed the soup up with water (yea, I would have preferred milk as well, but I did not have any) and poured it over the top.  Set the cooker to high and went back bed. 🙂

Two hours later I went down to check on it and it was looking pretty good. The cheese was melting nicely and the potatoes were covered and bubbling away.


Crock-Pot Potatoes

As the the cheese starts to melt into the sauce.

Two hours after that and I was starting to get a little worries that it was not going to thicken up.  I know it would never be the kind of thick that a baked dish would be, but I did want it thicker than soup.  I was wondering if I had added to much waster to thin out the soup.



Au Gratin potatoes.

Very think and watery.

Another hour after that. however, it thickened up and got creamy (it seems potatoes can stay hard for hours and be done in minutes).  The potatoes were soft without being mushy and the ham was tender and juicy. Mmmm.



AuGratin Potatoes w Bread

Au Gratin Potatoes w Bread, plated to serve.



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