First off, I love my Crock-Pot.  I had an old round 3qt. hand me down I used for all sorts of soups & stews.  I moved up to meat and discovered real quick that a whole chicken barley fit by itself let alone with carrots and onions, and a small corned beef was a ‘clean up on aisle 5’ moment.  When my trusted baby finely died close to a year later, I knew I was gonna get a bigger one.  I did, the oval 6.5qt you see in some of my posts.  What I never thought I would do however is get a small one weighing in a just a mere 1.5qts.


My Small little slow cooker

This all started when I got a book from the library on Indian cooking in a slow cooker.  What I found was a lot of great looking recipes that called for a 1-2qt slow cooker.  Well I did not want to try them my huge thing or double/triple up recipes and store leftovers for an army (I have no freezer :)).  I returned the book until I had access to a smaller cooker.

Then three days later I got a coupon in the mail from JC Penny for 20% off home goods, even if they were on sale.  As it would happen they had a small slow cooker on sale for $9.99 (from $19.99) + coupon = $7.99! $8? Bring it on!

So the next morning some bean soup fixings went into this little gem, and as you can see from the photo above, it is a pretty teal so gem is good description, and that afternoon I had a nice bowl of soup with horseradish sauce and a second bowl leftover for a little later on. It was incredibly nice to have just enough for one or two.  I have always found it interesting that it is very hard to cook for one.  Most of the time its not a real big deal, but I’m so happy to have an alternative. Next Lamb Briyani.

My bean soup

My bean soup


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4 responses to “Crock-Pots

  1. Could you share the recipes? I have bought myself a crock pot but have no idea wha to cook in it!

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