Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

I was on my deck water the plants when I noticed that my apple tree was starting to bloom.  I was so incredibly happy as it has barely bloomed for th last two years.  I pruned it heavily last year in hopes of stimulating some new growth this year and it looks like it indeed has new growth.  It’s an 8-year-old Gala and lives in a 30 gallon pot and while I have gotten some small apples off of it in the past, it was bought for decorative purposes so I’m happy to see it bloom.

I am reminded that flowers come in all shapes and sizes.  I can and do grow trees, shrubs and food bearing plants well in my little contained deck gardens.  I also ‘make’ flowers when I feel I can’t grow them.  So I present to you today different flowers from my outdoor and indoor gardens.



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15 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

  1. Beautiful floral entry. Thanks so much for playing.

  2. Oh wow – did you make those? I cannot even start to image all the work that goes into them.

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  4. Wonderful to see some apple blossom, they are not really in blossom here yet… Great entry!

  5. wonderful beaded flowers-and real ones!!!

  6. Love the gala apple blossoms, and congrats on growing it in a container, that’s quite inspiring! I do alot of gardening in barrels and other strange containers on my rooftop in Egypt, and I love to make jewelery with beads, your bead flowers are awesome!
    greetings from Egypt’s Nile Delta!

    • Thanks and thanks for stopping by. Wow Epypt, :). Beading is a great way to express yourself. The beaded necklaces and earrings of the Pharaoh’s are just amazing and inspiring.

  7. Wow…those flowers are amazing and you made them…another wow coming on

    • Thank you. I did not expect the response I’m getting. I’m so glad peaople are enjoying them. I will have to post more when I get them done. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Your beaded flowers are amazing! 🙂

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