Sock knitting

Great Wall Socks IV

I ran out of blue and finished with green. 🙂

I started these in Nov. of 2013 and forgot I had posted about it.  I did actually finish them that Dec.  While I was very happy with the pattern, I was not as happy with the final product.  I used baby yarn that was a little lighter in weight than I wanted so I doubled the strands.  The new weight was ok, but it was still a little stiff. I think I need to change the needle size.

Funny thing was I got the gauge I needed.  I know putting cables into any garment can change the structure a bit.  These are the first pair I have made with such heavy use of cables.  I think changeling the needle size, even if it changes the gauge a bit, will solve the stiffness.

These were a testing pair anyway before committing really nice yarn to an unknown pattern.  They served there purpose well.

The pattern is call The Great Wall IV and can be found on Ravelry.



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April 29, 2014 · 9:55 am

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