World Dance Party – Community Dance Events

There was a community dance in our neighborhood last night that was a potluck meal and dancing (who knew?) with lots of socializing. There seems to be several different dance styles chosen for each party and instructors are there to show you the basics.  You learn as you dance and then put it all together and go straight through.  For this get-together they choose merengue, hip-hop, bhangra (Bollywod) and line dancing.

I was not sure I wanted to go and debated on the idea all day.  I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went.  I know I looked like an overweight, middle aged woman making a fool of herself, but so was everyone else. Well, maybe not the overweight part… 🙂

You wanna talk about a cardio workout?  OMG, this was it.  I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to meet new people and try different food.

I found out that these community dances happen every three months in different places.  I so want to go again.  It also got me thinking about other happenings in and around the community I live in.  I apparently have a date with Google.

So what goes on in your community and are you ready to step out of your box a little and have some fun?




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2 responses to “World Dance Party – Community Dance Events

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I haven’t heard of such activities happening in our neighbourhood.

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