More storage solutions

My kitchen cupboards are horrible. They’re a mess.  I can’t keep them organized.  It seems like every time I open the door something come hurtling out at me.  I want those pullout shelves that you can stack things on and keep them together.  Yea, that’s what I want… In several styles to accommodate the different types of things I keep in my cupboards.  Wow, that’s gonna get pricey.  Now we need to conquer it one cupboard at a time at that price.  So what do you do you do while you wait?  You make your own.

So today, you too are gonna be a crafty cook.

Take a space, any space, and decide what you want to do with it.  In this case I wanted to make the baking pans I use more accessible as well as contained.

Cupboard Space

Cupboard space I chose to work on.

After getting the measurements of the cupboard space, I took the cardboard box my sewing machine came in and cut it to the width of the space.  Then I slid the smaller of the two box pieces into the inside of the larger piece and taped them together to form one box.  This particular box had four bottom flaps, so I cut off two of them along the narrower edge to keep the bulkiness of the box down.  You can trim away as much excess box material as you need.

Arranging the contents.

Checking and arranging the contents. Note the smaller edge of box on the inside.

The next step for me was to see if my pans would fit.  Most of them did.  I do have a couple that will not fit upright, but that is a limitation of the shelf, not the box.

Cutting down the box.

Cutting down the box.

I also found that my box was a little to tall to fit smoothly into the cupboard, so I had to cut it down a little bit.  This is not a big deal as it is always easier to remove cardboard than it is to put it back 🙂

Containment achieved.

Containment achieved.

TADA! A temporary storage solution that is very functional and very sturdy.

The box below is another example. I was lucky with this one as I did not need to do anything with it.

Storage Containers.

Storage containers.

A cardboard box is certainly not the end all be all, but I hope this post will give you ideas on how to look at storage problems differently.


So, how do you think outside the box?
Let me know, I love new ideas!





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4 responses to “More storage solutions

  1. Definitely a perfect idea for those who do not have hubbies like mine who add in extra shelves 🙂

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