Be at peace Old Man Cat

Merlyn Face

You are all so beneath me.

A few weeks Merlyn’s age started to catch up to him and he started to go down hill and as the weeks progressed it became obvious that it was time to consider euthanasia. I hate the idea of out beloved pets being in any major discomfort.

Last Friday Merlyn’s  mommy and I took the fuzz ball to the vet and held his paw as the vet helped ease any discomfort he may have been in.  While I am very sad, I am relieved that he had no major health issues, just a bad case of old.

Even at 19 he was still jumping up on the furniture. He missed a couple of times or fumbled his dismount, but still managed for the most part.

He was friendly and loving and I was blessed to be his personal assistant these last three years while he lived with me and his feline roommate Dinah (the Editor in Chief). Its been a week now and Dinah is starting to seek my attention again.  She seems to be feeling more herself again. I know this has been stressful for her as well and she has been a real champ and a great comfort to me.


Love and miss you buddy.


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