Weekly Photo Challange – Texture

The weekly photo challenge is Texture:

Metal Shoji Screen

I saw this I was like “I so need to make something cool and incorporate that texture/feel”.

Texture invokes so much for me. As a person, a jewelry designer, in photo restoration, etc. I want to see with my fingers and feel with eyes the kinds of emotion texture can bring.

These images are from a shoji screen my neighbor has had for may years and had picked up on one of her many travels. It stands about 6′ and has 3 1′ wide panels hinged together. The metal panels are embossed and the natural patina has been darkened a little for the contrast. I wish the photo was cleaner so you could see the dark, super smooth, ultra glossy, wood frame that holds the panels together.

Metal Shoji

A wider shot.

It is equally true that texture could be a matter of perception. Just look at the Editor having her nap. Just looks like dry crumbly old leaves that I have not swept up yet, but to her it is a soft cool bed to siesta out of the sun in.

Siesta time.

Siesta time.

Texture is the world and the world is texture. Embrace it.


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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challange – Texture

  1. actually I love the last picture… đŸ™‚

  2. That is a texture I would be tempted to touch!

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