Lean, mean, kitty climbing machine.

The Editor is indeed a lean, mean, kitty climbing machine. You would think that as she got older that she would slow down a bit. She certainly sleeps more, but nothing gets in her way when she wants to get somewhere or find something. I just love to watch her reason things out. A + B + C = Destination.

I hope I can do that when I’m a 105…. she’s 15 and my bed is about 3ft. off the floor.

Wheres my stuff?!? Damn you, you hairless one!

This one is a bit long at 3:56, but it has some cute moments. Feel free to jump ahead.

When shooting video on your phone/tablet/phablet always shoot in landscape. Its a much nicer viewing experience. 🙂


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November 2, 2014 · 4:58 pm

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