Squeeze bottles, not just for shampoo.

I had the chance to buy a gallon bottle of apple cider vinegar the other day for a great sale price.  The only problem with this is that I can’t really put it in the cupboard conveniently.  The fix for that is really a no-brainer, you put some in a smaller container and refill it from the larger one.

I was in a pinch for a smaller storage bottle though.  I grabbed a squeeze bottle I had bought for something else fully believing that it was temporary fix until I found something else.

Vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

Vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

When I used it for the first time it was like “OMG! This is cool!”. It was so easy to measure into any of the small measuring utensils. No more more overflows or cap spills. I will put several of the vinegars and light oils I use into these containers.

Now that’s making your kitchen work for you.



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2 responses to “Squeeze bottles, not just for shampoo.

  1. Some oils need to be kept out of light so if you’re not storing in a dark cupboard, make sure you have opaque bottles. I have a cute little ceramic jug for oil and a pump bottle (shaped like a duck) for dish washing liquid. I swear that cute containers make chores more pleasurable.

    • They do don’t they. Your right about oils. I forgot to mention that and I do keep all of then in a dark cupboard. I mostly have vinegars right now. Thank you for the tip on the opaque bottles.

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